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  • VR Education Games by Raj

    Experience 1: Solar System VR

    Journey to the edge of the solar system and see if you have what it takes! The planets are all out of orbit and only you can put them back where they belong! Test your knowledge of the solar system in this incredible VR experience!

    Designed for Quest 2

    Includes Course PPT + Interactive Quiz

    Experience 2: Plant Bio VR

    Have you ever wanted to grow your own tree or wondered about what plants need to grow? Wield a mighty branch to capture all the resources plant need for food! Watch your tree grow before your very eyes in this fascinating VR experience!

    Designed For Meta Quest 2

    Includes Course PPT &Interactive Quiz

    About Raj

    Raj, UCLA 2005, a California native and currently in Shenzhen, China, is big believer in immersive education. Here is a recent HKTDC article about his thoughts...

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    Why Connect?

    Looking to connect with private & public schools & summer-camp programs to offer these VR Interactive Educational Experiences.

  • VR Game by Kim

    Game: Save Alyx VR

    Save Alyx VR is a VR FPS game in the Tower Defense (TD) genre! Players can have a good experience in using different weapons, like a machine gun, bow and arrow and sword. Players need to protect castle gates from being destroyed and protect the princess to safety at the same time. The refreshing and exciting feelings of fast action, combined with complex tactics, makes this an attractive immersive experience. Designed For Meta Quest 2 & Pico

    Meet The Innovator, KIM

    Kim is a game developer, he graduated from Tsinghua university with the distinguished master graduate prize. He worked forPBUG Mobile and also designed some indie games. His interests are game development ,VR/AR and AI. He has published two top international academic papers(ACM MM and IEEE TIP) and 5 patents on these fields.

    Why Connect?

    Looking to connect with promotors, App-store publishers and VR accessory product designers to promote and enhance his VR game playing experience
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